Yesterday night, I went to a big mart (like Costco) with my family.

My son told me that he had a good idea about a video game design.

Of course, the concept was not best. Recently he plays Pokemon. So his game concept was similar that game. Anyway~

The point is.. He told me like this "I can earn money by selling this game."

So I surprised.

I am not a rich but I thought he have never worried about money.

So I think I am embarrassed a little and I am pretty proud of him.

어제 저녁에 가족과 장보러 대형 마트에 갔는데.. 

5살인 아들 녀석이 갑자기 게임에 대한 좋은 아이디어가 있다면서 말을 하더라고.

요즘 하는 게임이 포켓몬이라서 그런지, 게임 내용은 포켓몬과 비슷한데. 

끝에, "이거 만들어서 팔면 돈 벌 수 있겠다." 그러는거야. 얼마나 황당하던지.. 

부자는 아니지만, 돈 걱정 하면서 자란 녀석은 아닌데. 

황당하기도 하고, 대단하단 생각도 들고 ^^a

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